• Call : Joni DeGabriele (Mrs. D) at 415-307-4613

We need your help to continue building and operating Musical Moments SEL and to sponsor a school… and benefit more children.

DONATE for Project Development

Donation Levels & Rewards

$500  Receive a personal Voicemail Message Recording from Spunky & Gus

$1000  Receive Above plus Feeling Tools Poster

$2500  Personal VM Recording + Feeling Tools Poster Autographed by Mrs. D

$5000  Receive Autographed Photo of Musical Moments Puppets

$10000+ Receive Personalized Video from Musical Moments SEL


Sponsor a School or Classroom
$4000 minimum
Contact Musical Moments about costs.

How to Donate


Specify Active Project Name: “Musical Moments SEL Project”

By mail:

Make all Donations & Scholarship checks out to the
“MarinLink – Musical Moments SEL Project”

Send to:
MarinLink, Inc.,
5800 Northgate Mall, Suite 250
San Rafael, CA 94903

Be sure to include your name, address, and email so we can send you a receipt.

Other Methods:

Contact us if you wish to donate securities or another method.

MarinLink is a California non-profit public benefit corporation operating under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue  Code.

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