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Our Music Programs teach, motivate and inspire young children

Music teacher interacting with children at middle schoolDixie Elementary School students demonstrate communication skills with Mrs. D during one of her Musical Moments assembly programs

Musical Moments understands the importance of teaching Social-Emotional Skills

Research shows that even more than IQ or academic abilities, emotional awareness and the ability to manage feelings determines success and happiness in all walks of life. Children need guidance, coaching and practice to build emotional intelligence. Read more: The Health Benefits of Music.

Currently, students spend most of their school day learning and practicing academic skills when they also need help learning and practicing social-emotional skills. Each Musical Moments program teaches a communication skill through the use of puppet characters, singing and movement!

We start with a social-emotional lesson and add our unique singing and movement. Research also shows that vocabulary and concepts paired with singing and movement are easier to remember and more fun! Through repetition and rehearsal of the songs, children are able to retain information in their long-term memory.

Many preschools and elementary schools need a social-emotional music program. This is our special gift to children. Let us know if we can provide an educational musical option for your classroom, event or program.


Check out this Musical Moment Video where Mrs. D introduces Spunky to Margie!

Music Programs we offer

10-week workshops for K, 1st and 2nd grades, our most requested and effective program
Assemblies bring Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades together to learn, sing and dance
Our preschool presentations teach friendship skills through songs and movement
Musical Moments helps teachers implement songs and strategies into their curriculum

What Kids like about us

  • Having fun with music
  • Getting to know our Puppets
  • Learning how to communicate
  • Singing songs without concern
  • Mrs. D and Spunky are fun

Contact Mrs. D to see our Puppet Characters take flight at a school or event!

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The Musical Moments lessons combined with the music curriculum is a fun and easy way to bring social-emotional learning into your classroom, school or event. The Musical Moments characters help Mrs. D create an optimistic, caring environment in which students feel connected, included, and valued – a place where significant learning can occur and everyone understands how to communicate appropriately through music. Our new Music CD is filled with favorite songs remastered by Mrs. D to fit our Musical Moments lessons. To sing along with the songs you can buy the CD or single tracks here: CD Baby. Parents and teachers value the lessons that our programs provide children.