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Singing, Dancing, Animated Puppets, Instruments and a CD of songs. What fun!

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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – PLATO

Using Our Music Curriculum as a Teaching Tool

A Group of Musical Instruments Used To Teach Young ChildrenResearch in education shows that multi-sensory teaching produces the best learning. Teaching communication skills and social-emotional strategies through a music curriculum is consistent with these theories. The more senses we use, the deeper the learning! This article “Music and Neuroscience” goes further.

Musical Moments™ lessons use auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile modes of learning through listening, singing, posters with lyrics, movement, body percussion and playing instruments like the ones pictured below. New and familiar melodies are taught with social-emotional concepts imbedded in the lyrics. Some of the songs included in our music curriculum include; This Little Light of Mine, Count on Me, Little Bird, Brave, Keep on the Sunny Side, Shake It Off and many more. Play a few of these song samples from our new CD below.

“The reason a music curriculum works so well for any type of memory storage is that a song is broken down into memorable segments with rhythm and rhyme. The key to storing information in a child’s long term memory is rehearsal.” – Colin Rose, Accelerated Learning

Our music collection recorded by Mrs. D is now available on Apple Music (iTunes)!

Our music collection is filled with favorite songs remastered by Mrs. D to fit our Musical Moments lessons

Music CD Cover - Original children's music by singer Joni DeGabrieleWe’re proud to announce our new music collection for children ages 3 through 8 is now available on Apple Music (iTunes)! The collection includes notes on how to use each song in a lesson. Mrs. D has used these songs in the classroom to help teach friendship and character-building skills through music. Children who are Kind, Respectful, Resilient, and Responsible do well both academically AND socially. Singing, dancing, and playing instruments are fun and quick ways to learn valuable tools and lessons that last a lifetime! Have fun and keep singing and dancing!

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The Musical Moments lessons combined with our music curriculum is a fun and easy way to bring social-emotional learning and character-building skills into your classroom, school or event. The Musical Moments puppet characters help Mrs. D create an optimistic, caring environment in which students feel connected, included, and valued through music – a place where significant learning can occur and everyone understands how to communicate appropriately. Parents and teachers value the lessons that our programs provide children. Read more about the importance of character building in children.