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The Musical Moments Team

The Talent

Joni DeGabriele of Musical Moments with puppet Spunky the Monkey

Joni DeGabriele

Led by educator, puppeteer and performing artist Joni DeGabriele, Musical Moments combines over 30 years of teaching experience applying a new social-emotional curriculum. Mrs. D has taught music, drama and movement in preschools and elementary schools throughout Marin County, California. A veteran kindergarten, first, and second grade teacher at Lucas Valley Elementary School in San Rafael, her education and training include:

      • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education
      • California Music Credential
      • California Multiple-subject Credential
      • GLAD training and certification Tier 1
      • Kimochis™ Social-Emotional Curriculum
      • Phyllis Weikart Education Through Movement
      • Orff-Schulwerk training

Dan DeGabriele

Dan is a renaissance man with AS degrees from Santa Rosa JC in chemistry, math and physics and a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley. Dan is an accomplished actor and musician assisting Mrs. D on instrumental and vocal accompaniment at assemblies and on curriculum music.

Spunky the Monkey (puppet)

Spunky helps Mrs. D introduce each lesson. He’s curious, silly and he makes children laugh. The children love Spunky the Monkey! He adds a lighthearted attitude, learns from his mistakes, and doesn’t give up. Adults like Spunky too! See the video.

Grateful Gus (puppet)

Gus is an alligator who loves rhythm and rhyme and tries to rhyme all the time! He’s grateful for many things and helps Mrs. D teach the “Happy Habit!”

Eldon the Eagle (puppet)

Eldon’s learning to fly. He’s learning to have courage and “Put his Brave On!”

Three Little Birds

The birds are stuffed animals good at listening and remind us that “…..every little thing is gonna be alright,” not to worry and instead give yourself “Positive Self-Talk!”

Advisory Board

Supporting the Musical Moments Talent and working behind the scenes:

      • Patricia Elliot: Retired educator and education administrator
      • Mike Morrissey: Documentarian/Producer
      • Barbara Price: Retired preschool educator and administrator

Videography & Technical

Spirit House Productions

      • Mike Morrisey
      • Peter Ivory

Website Development/Marketing

Garnet Creative


Deb Johnson

Risk Management

Liability insurance via Hiscox Insurance Co.

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