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SEL Curriculum Components

Your school’s license fee will be based on a sliding scale determined by your school’s socioeconomic status and the number of students accessing the program.

  • Video Lesson Packages are available as a 4-episode Intro Package or 16-episode Full Package.
  • Posters and MP3 song files are licensed separately.
Sample Poster: Feeling Tools


Musical Moments has developed 11 Feeling Tools each described with original artwork available on a hard copy poster or in digital format from the Musical Moments website. (Coming soon.)

Video Lesson Packages

Each Feeling Tool is taught with a 7 to 10 minute video lesson which will be available by subscription from the Musical Moments website.

Subscriptions will be offered in a 4 episode introductory package and the full package with all 16 episodes included.

Accompanying each subscription package will include:

      • Brief video Teacher Guides about each lesson and suggestions for techniques to make it most effective for students.
      • Coloring sheet companions to the tools as a follow up activities for students (in printable pdf format).
      • Links to song lyrics.


In person assemblies will be offered on a case-by-case basis for students, parents, teachers and administrators to meet Mrs D and Friends up-close and personal, and receive an overview lesson of the Feeling Tools including live music and selected student participation. Contact Musical Moments SEL for pricing and scheduling.


MP3 song files and lyrics will be available on the Musical Moments website.
Cost for music files in mp3 format are available on a sliding scale depending on the number of students accessing the music:

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