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Introducing our Cast of Puppet Characters

puppet cast: Spunky the Monkey, Eldon the Eagle, Grateful Gus, 3 Little Birds

Our puppet characters are great at engaging children and they help us teach valuable communication strategies. The children really listen and focus on what the puppets say and how they interact. Teachers and parents alike tell us how the students practice the vocabulary and strategies long after the lessons have been taught. Adults like Spunky too! See the video.

Joni DeGabriele of Musical Moments with puppet Spunky the Monkey



Joni DeGabriele (Mrs. D) makes the Musical Moments programs sing by using puppet characters that dance, fly, and cry… and that’s just for starters!

Led by educator and performing artist Joni DeGabriele, Musical Moments combines over 20 years of teaching experience by applying a new social-emotional music curriculum. Only Musical Moments provides this unique music curriculum in their lessons.

Musical Moments Puppet - Spunky the Monkey




Spunky leads us in a fun and engaging way

Spunky helps me introduce each lesson. He might be feeling grumpy or curious, shy or left out. The children learn ways to move through those feelings by seeing how Spunky manages his emotions. He’s very good at teaching the calming breath!

Musical Moments Puppet




Eldon is quiet and shy and is learning to fly

He’s an eaglet who is learning to fly with help and encouragement from the children. He loves the song “Wings of an Eagle” and enjoys listening to children sing, sing, SING!  During the song, the children become the puppeteer and help him fly around the room.




Grateful Gus keeps children engaged with rhythm and rhyme

Gus loves rhythm and rhyme and tries to rhyme all the time! He enjoys teaching lyrics to songs by asking the children to echo him. He likes to play with sounds and words and make up silly rhymes to go with the children’s names. Gus, Gus….Come out and talk to us!

Musical Moments Puppets




The Three Little Birds are good listeners

These three are great at listening and remind us that “…..every little thing is gonna be alright!” These little birds fly to students who want to share their story about when they were kind and how they managed an emotion.

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