• Call : Joni DeGabriele (Mrs. D) at 415-307-4613
Mrs. D’s extensive background in both education and music have come together to create the Musical Moments curriculum. She has an innate ability to bring young children together to sing, laugh, dance, and learn. Her focus on social-emotional development is unique to her music program and is a much needed resource for the early childhood community. The children continue to sing and practice their learned skills long after the lessons have ended. – Barb Price, Child Care and Education Director, Bright Horizons

The students took ownership and sang with pride. Mrs. D taught the learning concepts through the songs. – Chris Whitten, Lucas Valley Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher

I don’t normally write testimonials but everyone fell in love with the educational puppets Mrs. D used to show children and adults alike how to become better communicators, and to help us get in touch with our emotions. It was great the way Mrs. D introduced and explained her social-emotional music curriculum! – Debbie Matson, Bread & Roses Volunteer

I have twin boys; one is very outgoing and one is extremely shy and has a hard time expressing his feelings. Mrs. D taught the shy guy how to come out of his shell with use of the social-emotional music curriculum and the background of music that seemed to take the attention off of his fear. She taught my outgoing boy how to be a leader and look out for those who seemed scared, nervous or shy. – Denise Martin, Lucas Valley Elementary School Parent