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Help Musical Moments SEL reach as many young children as possible with our new video curriculum.

Our Research-based Approach to SEL

Created for preschool through 2nd grade age groups.

    • Emotional awareness and the ability to manage feelings determines success and happiness in all walks of life.
    • Even more than IQ or academic abilities, children need Feeling Tools, coaching and practice to build emotional intelligence.
    • Vocabulary and concepts paired with puppet characters, singing and movement are easier to remember and more fun!
    • Through repetition and rehearsal of the songs, children retain information in their long-term memory.
    • Teachers and parents alike tell us how the students practice the vocabulary and Feeling Tools long after the lessons have been taught.
    • Musical Moments curriculum is in alignment with CASEL – Collaborative for Academic and Social Emotional Learning competencies which include developing Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, and Responsible Decision Making.

Serious learning delivered in a fun format!

    • Music, movement, and puppets to keep kids focused
    • Video lessons and curriculum aids for teachers

Each video episode teaches a “Feeling Tool”

    • Enhance communication skills with a common vocabulary and the ability to manage emotions
    • Build character traits of kindness, respect, and personal responsibility

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We’re a Nonprofit

Musical Moments SEL is a fiscally sponsored project of MarinLink, a California non-profit corporation exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service #20-0879422. MarinLink promotes and sponsors community-based projects in the Arts, Community, Education, Environment, and Health.

Our goals are…

    • Obtain funding to support development and ongoing operation of a phased program and to initiate and carry out the Musical Moments’ mission.
    • Start with a pilot program in two local elementary schools to receive feedback from students, parents, educators and administrators on the effectiveness of the curriculum.
      (Our video pilot program will run through the 2022/23 school year.)
    • Expand to all Marin County California school districts.
    • Ultimately, expand throughout the United States and worldwide to include underserved communities.
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